Problems with Neighbours

What do I need to say to prospective buyers?

If you have had the unfortunate luck of having an actual dispute with your neighbours then you need to mention it on the form that your solicitor sends you called the sellers property information form. The problem with your neighbour has to be declared if you have had to contact a neighbour in writing or complain to the council or any other authority about them. What you might find 'annoying' in a neighbour could be classed as 'harmless' by someone else (or vice versa), but it can be a nightmare for someone to move into a property not knowing that all the street complain about the neighbours.

If the problems in the past with the neighbours haven't affected the material of the house in any way, unless in the cases described above then theoretically you don't really have to explain the problems that you have had with them, however ethically you should tell the buyer all the problems you have had. Problems could range from neighbours playing loud music late at night or littering in your garden to being verbally or physically abusive to you. A problem could even be your neighbours not looking after their gardens properly which could impact on your property.

What other ways could a potential buyer find out information about the neighbours?

Obviously when you are putting your hard earned money into a property you want to know if there are any issues with the neighbours so basically ask as many people as you can. Try to gauge what the neighbours are like by chatting to people who live in the area; ask the local shops about them or even have a talk to the neighbours themselves to see what type of people they are. Always remember you never know till you ask so don't be scared to get the information you want because you don't want to be spending a fortune on a property that might be your dream home but is spoiled by nightmare neighbours. Don't think that finding out about the neighbours is always a negative and that you will want to run away from the property because there are plenty of charming neighbours out there who will make you want to move into the property more. For some buyers there is nothing better than having kind, warm hearted neighbours that are always up for a good conversation with you about your day.

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Published on 20 May 2016

Source Trinity Sales Wakefield

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