Moving Check List

There are few things as exciting as moving home. Once you have done the big stuff like finding the house you want, had an offer accepted, instructed solicitors and organised a survey if you are having one, there are also lots of little jobs you need to think about, and various people and companies you need to inform.

Your Landlord or Freeholder

If you're renting your current property, your landlord will need at least one month's notice of your intention to leave. If you are tied into a fixed contract you may be required to give more notice and cover the rent up to the end of your fixed tenancy. Owners of leasehold properties will need to inform their freeholder that they are leaving. You can usually transfer your existing building and contents cover to your new address, but you'll need to notify them in advance. Other insurers that you have a policy with will also need to be informed of your new address - for example, car or life insurance.

Financial Services

Don't forget to tell your banks, credit card companies, mortgage or any other loan company that you will be moving address. If you have a pension you should also inform them


It's your duty to inform the DVLA of your new address so they can update your driving licence details and vehicle registration documents.


So they can update your place of residence for council tax purposes and for the electoral register. You should also inform the Benefits Office if you are in receipt of any benefits


So they can amend your tax and National Insurance details


Unless you have moved to a new job as well as a new home, you should let your employer know your new address


If you have children and they haven't moved schools as part of the home move, you'll need to inform the schools of your new address. If they are changing school don't forget to notify them that your child will not be coming back next term!

Doctors and Dentists

And any other local services, such as opticians

Suppliers and Subscriptions

Utilities companies should be notified: Gas, water, electricity. Take final meter readings on the day you leave your previous address, and new meter readings at your new home so you only pay for what you have used. Internet, TV, phone and any other subscriptions or deliveries will need cancelling or redirecting, TV Licencing should be informed too

Help Around the Home

If you have a cleaner, window cleaner, gardener etc, give them notice that you are moving There will always be something you forget, so it's best to get any mail redirected to your new address just in case - Royal Mail offer a mail redirecting service.

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Published on 27 April 2016

Source Trinity Sales Wakefield

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