Key things to check when viewing a property

Are there any signs of damp in the property?

The most common ways of knowing if a property has some sort of dampness is if it has a mouldy smell, flaky plaster or watermarked walls or ceilings. Sometimes people try to cover up an underlying damp issue in their property by repainting the walls, so if you suspect this is the case ask the agent if the property has a damp proof course, look if there are any slipped roof tiles or a leaking gutter, or has the property been empty a while? - it could just be a lack of air circulation if the windows haven't been opened.

Don't get tricked by staging!

Sometimes defects in a property are not obvious on an initial viewing, very often because most people will be looking at the superficial aspects of a property at this stage - the furniture and the decoration. It's important to look beyond this for some basic things such as are there any cracks in the walls, particularly around windows and doors? Are there any stains on walls which could have been caused by damp? Does the fuse board meet current regulations?

Are the rooms in the property big enough for you?

Are the rooms in the property big enough for you?Make sure you have a good look at the size of the rooms in the property, and make sure they are the suitable size for you. Some people only like small rooms for them to be nice and cosy however others like to have big rooms so they can fit what they want in it e.g. a large TV, a big sofa suite etc. If the property is currently furnished take a measuring tape so you can measure how big items like the sofa or dining table are - small furniture in a room makes the room look bigger than it really is.

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Published on 27 May 2016

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