Country and Character Properties For Sale: How To Sell Your Period Home

If you have a country property for sale in our region you're already likely blessed with some of the best countryside in the world right on your doorstep.

These escape-to-the-country pads are hugely popular so long as they are well presented and promoted to the right market. And, if you're lucky enough to have a country house which is bursting with original features and history, make the most of it and show it off.

We are usually guilty of underplaying the history, architecture and design of our older country properties but they are hugely desirable and when presented off to their best can add thousands to the value and overall selling price of your home.

The fact that old buildings are generally harder to maintain and keep warm means some people will be put off with the thought of the financial cost of upkeep - so you need to play up your house's strengths.

True, not everyone is a fan of exposed wooden beams, quaint fireplaces and other nooks and crannies that country properties tend to offer. BUT these people are not your target market!  What turns these people off is a major turn on for the traditional rustic-loving buyers you'll likely be attracting. Anything from old stable-doors, window seats, original panelling, moldings or leaded windows literally make old house-lovers salivate.

Over the years many old buildings have been renovated and in the process the beautiful original features ripped out in place of more modern styles. This has made them even rarer and more valuable, so before you get the sledgehammer out consider this: Some of the most successful renovations incorporate the original features alongside the modern decorations and conveniences, thereby hanging on to the property's past whilst at the same time broadening its appeal.

Has your property got historical relevance? Potential house buyers love a property with a story

The oldest property we've dealt with was built in 1637!  We had wealthy Americans come to view it.  They loved its character and its history (the building was originally used as a schoolhouse and had an old tunnel connecting it to the local church). The house was older than their country and the number one thing in their mind was then to buy it so they could show off to their American friends about how much history and age their home had.

Luckily in the West Yorkshire region we are blessed with a plethora of country character properties to choose from. If however, you don't like the thought of giving up all the conveniences of city life but still want to don your hiking boots of a Sunday and go a-rambling  the great transport links in our region means an escape to the country and our national parks is all on our doorstep.

So, our advice for selling a country style or character property:

  • Always get professional photographs which highlights your properties quirky or period features
  • Show off any views of greenery, even if you don't have a large garden
  • Highlight the history of the property or its setting

Published on 24 June 2014

Source Dominic Woodward

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