Colours can make a real difference

How can colour make a real difference in a property?

You may be one of those people questioning "How can a colour make a difference inside a property?", well according to some doctors different colours create different moods, because of this the colour of your walls in your home can hold a big selling point. So when you're thinking about getting some new furniture in your house or making a major change to your property, you might want to read through some of the colours below and see what sort of moods and atmosphere they create.


Green creates a nice calming mood. An example of when the colour green is used on walls is in hospital waiting rooms. A recommended place to use the colour green in your property is either your living room, bedroom or bathroom.


Red is much more of a lively colour which is why it is used on many brands because it is very eye catching. Some brands that use the colour red is the Coca Cola logo, Mcdonalds logo and the KFC logo. Red also is known to increase your appetite, surprisingly, and makes you want to consume things more quickly, an example of when this is used is in places where you can eat. Even take a look for yourself next time you're out in a restaurant! A recommended place to colour your property red is somewhere that energy is encouraged such as the dining room and kitchen.


Blue is known to be a soothing colour, an example of when the colour blue is used is often in spas. However, different shades of blue can have a different affect on a person's mood. A blue that is too bright can have a chilly effect in a room. A recommended place to colour your property blue is either in your bedroom or bathroom. These are the main colours to create moods in your property. See below for some more colours and the moods they create. Yellow - Emotional Violet - Spiritual Orange - Warmth Pink - Lively Black - Modern/Elegant Grey - Neutral/Independence

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Published on 24 May 2016

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