Buyers: Questions To Ask Before Putting In An Offer

Why is the owner selling?

Why is the owner selling?The agent doesn't have to answer, but if you're lucky they might hint at the circumstances. You might find out the owner is wanting a quick sale or that they are holding out for the best price, that the property is being sold as part of a divorce, or the owners are having to move for their work. Asking the agent can give you an idea of the sort of timescales for the sale that the owners have in mind, and whether that fits in with what you the buyer need.

Is there anything that you would want to know about the area if you were buying?

Is there anything that you would want to know about the area if you were buying?The big fear if you are buying is that you are missing out some big negative factor that others know about. Is the local train station about to close or maybe the neighbours are a complete annoyance. People have been known to move into the homes of convicted mass-murderers without knowing which obviously came as a shock once they found out. If you have any doubts about a house or the local area, ask next door neighbours or local shop keepers what they think or just simply research about the house.

Exactly what is included in the sale?

Exactly what is included in the sale?Is the garden shed or greenhouse included with the house? Will the current owners be taking the claw foot bath with them? Exactly where does the boundary lie when purchasing your new house? Make sure you see all of what you are getting. Whilst most fixtures and fittings are sorted out via the solicitors, if there is something you particularly like get clarification from the agent first on whether it will be included and make it a condition of your offer. Not long ago a buyer told us she was very fond of a pair of blue curtains in the property she was wanting to offer on so we spoke to our client and they were more than happy to leave them in the property - had the buyer not asked though the vendors may have tossed out the curtains without thinking when they moved out of the property.

How long has the property been on the market?

How long has the property been on the market?If the house has been on the market a long time, ask the agent why they think it isn't selling. Are there problems (for example structural, or getting lending) that other people have realised that you haven't maybe or is the price the sticking point? A long time on the market doesn't necessarily mean the seller would accept a low offer - they may have had higher offers before and turned them down - but you never know so it's always worth asking the agent for any useful information.

How long have the owners lived there?

If they are moving out after a short period, it is important to find out why. They might have noisy neighbours which would be an absolute nightmare for some people, so you're better off finding out everything you can about the house so you don't have the biggest regret in your life. Purchasing a new house is definitely one of the biggest decisions you will make so make sure you get everything right.

Summary of asking questions

You may not want to ask any of the questions that have been in this BLOG but it could save you a lot of time and money if you do - you don't want to get so far through the buying process only to find out something critical which you could have known at the start if only you had asked, and you don't want to end up with a house that isn't right for you; if you start off the process being shy then it will be too late once the property is yours. SO GET ASKING!

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Published on 14 April 2016

Source Trinity Sales Wakefield

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